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Financial Planning

Our Comprehensive Financial Plan is a complete end-to-end solution covering all of the module level planning and final integrated response to the needs of the individual / family. This is a detailed exercise and is not a quick-fix solution. A detailed discovery session is very important from a long-term perspective and highly recommended for most of the individuals barring a few exceptions. The detailed plan will cover the following and may also include other goals such as purchase of a House, Car, and Foreign Holiday etc.

Children's Future Planning

The focus on Children's Future Planning is to prepare for future needs of Higher Education and or marriage. The expense for education and marriage are on the rise everyday and we need a defined strategy to achieve this goals.The strategy is to arrive at projected expenses after taking to account inflation trends.

Retirement Planning

It is a very important goal and one of the main components of Financial Planning. It is aimed at securing your life after retirement by arranging funds for your post retirements needs and maintaining your living standard. The increasing life expectancy at birth means that your working period (Accumulation Phase) & Retirement period (Distribution Phase) are almost equal. In such a scenario, Retirement planning is of paramount importance

Investment Planning

In a basic sense, Investment Planning is effective use of funds available at your disposal for realizing maximum benefit. It refers essentially to recommended Investment Portfolio to match the goals and relative to the risk profile of the client. At ACE, we provide unbiased and objective advice while recommending suitable products with the sole purpose of matching client's goals

Insurance Planning

We evaluate the current insurance policies held by you if there are changes required and how best they fit into your goal needs. We recommend plans based on actual need and on the basis of your assets owned, loans, Investments made and funds required for goals. We also evaluate Health Insurance needs and income protection requirement

Estate Planning

In the absence of a WILL (Intestate), your personal assets would be distributed based on Personal Law and not as per your choice. To avoid, this, it is recommended, that you make a WILL. We can assist you in the process by connecting with the right people for preparation of a WILL