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Financial Planning Process

Our methodology

At ACE, we follow a Phased approach to Financial Planning: ANALYZE, RECOMMEND & REVIEW.

By means of a phased approach, we bring in critical check points at the end of each phase to make sure all mandatory tasks in a phase are completed, before moving to the next phase of the Financial Plan. This approach provides robustness to the process and leaves nothing to chance.

How does the Process work?

Phase 1: ANALYZE:

In this stage of the process, we believe in doing a comprehensive analysis of your issues and financial parameters. We capture necessary information and do a thorough analysis under defined parameters as given below. All assumptions are well documented.

  • Analysis of Client specific Issues: We carefully analyze client situation. Each individual or family is different and have different aspirations and financial needs. We provide customized solutions.
  • Risk: We assess Risk cover to the Individual / family in terms of Life Insurance needs, Income Protection criteria and Health Insurance.
  • Client Risk Profile: We assess the Risk profile through a questionnaire together with our own assessment based on direct interaction.
  • Cash Flow and Net worth : We do a thorough analysis of present cash flow position, Current net worth, present and future earnings potential and other variables
  • Evaluation of Goals on 'SMART' criteria ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound)

Check Point: Comprehensive Analysis of client to be completed, all clarifications obtained before we move to next stage.


In this stage of the process, recommendations will be made based on our careful analysis of key financial parameters. We start with Risk cover and the right asset allocation based on the Risk profile. Retirement corpus calculation is one important element of input at this stage of the process. It is very important from a future stand point to have sufficient amount of funds when regular salary earnings stop. Investment recommendations and Tax Planning will be done during this phase

Risk Mitigation: Based on our Insurance needs analysis, we will recommend suitable Life and Health cover and suggest other plans for meeting financial obligations. We will also do an assessment of the Investment in terms of risk exposure, and suggest possible ways to reduce exposure to risky instruments.

Asset Allocation: We will aim to strike the right balance of Investments in different asset classes. We will suggest and recommend mix of Investments between different category of assets; Equity, Debt, Real Estate, Gold etc

Investment Portfolio: We will recommend a portfolio of investments to match the goals both in terms of asset mix and tenure.

Tax Planning: We will suggest measures for tax reduction and investment in tax saving instruments

Check Point: At this point, the plan is presented to client any changes incorporated and final plan is presented. Once the final plan is agreed, we will move to Implementation


Financial Planning is also not just an end in itself; the purpose of the plan is with the main objective of achieving your goals. Hence it is also important for you to ensure that the recommended steps are implemented and Financial Plans are periodically reviewed. We will provide support to you for implementation if you require our assistance.

Phase 3: Review

Following will be covered in the review:

  • Portfolio monitoring as part of the reviews or whenever a need arises.
  • Mid Year Review – Reviews will be done to assess the progress as per Financial Plan
  • Full Year Review - Reviews will be done with client to assess the progress as per Financial Plan and initiate engagement renewal