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Engagement Progression

A typical Client Engagement will be as follows:

  • Initial Client Request/ follow up calls: The client calls us and the services are outlined along with fee structure
  • Client meeting: If client is interested to proceed further, a meeting is set-up and process is explained to enable client to take informed decisions and share important personal data
  • Data gathering: Once the client signs up for the plan, a data sheet is shared to get necessary personal finance data to start the planning process. On receipt of data sheet, we will request further clarifications and or documents and go ahead with planning. Needless to say, this is a crucial part of the process and we expect clients to be honest and responsible to share all relevant information and within a reasonable time frame
  • Plan Presentation 1st Draft: A draft Financial Plan is presented to client and discussed for possible changes or fine tuning that may be required. This could be due to better clarity that may emerge to client during this meeting.
  • Final Plan presentation: The Final version of the Plan is presented to client. A detailed Financial Plan is also made available as a permanent document to be held with client and during review
  • Implementation: Implementation, portfolio management & monitoring assistance can be provided for those who would like to avail of these services
  • Review: We do a mid-year and a full year review. The mid-year will be need based and full year review is mandatory for all clients. During yearly review, the engagement will be discussed to carry forward to the next year